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Is it Time to Change Learning?

The world is changing and we are forced to change with it, or are we? I've written about change early and often in my LinkedIn posts and Blog, when we will accept that change IS the new norm?? From the pandemic to the Black Lives Matter protests, when will we change for good.

I have seen change, both good and bad. A common thread I see through any change attempt is the lack of a true evaluation phase. Reflecting on proposed change, seeing both sides of an issue; evaluating the best option is a key step in any change. We need equality on both sides of a issue in an effort to change.

Change in learning is always met with naysayers shooting the proposed down. Every change should be equally gauged, observed without prejudice, removing any preconceived notions; evaluating the change equally while placing the same value on all merits without discrimination.

A change I see coming will be in how we learn. I still feel the same, "if your're not learning, you're not growing". I have lived by this phrase forever, even before I knew the saying existed. Everyday we learn from the news, we learn from others, from reading... from basically every direction we look, we learn. We listen to podcasts, TED Talks, we even learn when we read the short 'three minute reads" on LinkedIn. It is a human nature desire to "gain knowledge". It is ingrained deep in our brains and DNA. We learn from our observations and we learn from our mistakes. Or do we??

The next time someone offers an idea, a change to the Status Quo, a new way to think/learn/live, I ask you to apply the following rules.

  1. Apply the same logic and give both sides equal time and effort without discrimination. (It is hard to do, trust me on this one.)

  2. Keep money out of the discussion (As with any financial question, the opposite will be true also. Can you afford to NOT do it is always blind opposition to your money sense.)

  3. Humble yourself and accept the the change. Allow it to be a welcome addition to your library of knowledge.

Every change has positive and negative effects, but we tend to bend to negative. If we allow our minds to learn from every event, every moment, then we can make a positive change in our lives. Like mankind, we are all created equal, let's treat the change equally. EVERY change deserves a chance to walk on its merits and to earn our respect.

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