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The "List" and How to Tame It

As the country begins to reopen, businesses will start to regroup and attempt to return to normal. Many businesses large, small, established, or just surviving all have one thing in common. It is called "The List", a place where tasks and items fall when they are not important to the business that day. Tabled topics and needed information that will be useful in the future but not today. It is that Quick Start Guide you will need and that "you'll get to" to the full review of Instruction Manual V1.0 for that 4-year old product, it is even that document every customer asks for and you haven't had the time or resources to start, today.

Even if your business has a robust Tech Pub group or even a well-versed Document Development team, you need help to ensure that "document" is ready when business returns. Every writer believes in having a good peer review, even though we don't like it. Getting constructive feedback can be "destructive" to the psyche of a talented writer/creator. But we all need to get it and to see and hear it. Damn, I wouldn't be the content developer I am today if it wasn't for a few crow sandwiches...

Using an experienced contractor to review/upgrade/build your document, albeit with an online presence in mind, or a printed hard copy is key and it is a very inexpensive way to get a second opinion or fresh set of eyes on an old tired document. Do you need information converted to online format, a talented contractor can do that. Ready to start that instruction manual, the training material, or user document; experienced creators can do that. Need someone to attack "The List" to reduce that backlog and improve your bottom line, we can all help.

Do you have a "document" ready for a second opinion or are you getting ready to start that key manual? Do you need a hand to pick off low hanging fruit from "The List"?

Use an outside contractor (such as yours truly) to provide new life into a tired document. Get a second opinion on that format, structure, or content before you release it to the world.

Be proactive in your search to deliver valued content with accuracy and ease with a skilled outside resource. Get ready for the new normal by creating a platform so everyone can get to your valued content quickly and easily. Be a leader and take on that "List" today!!

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