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Want a Reason to Engage Competency-based Learning?

I will give you three...

First off, lets discuss competency-based learning. It does not treat all employees equally; instead, it acknowledges individual employee strengths, weaknesses, and their unique learning goals. Want to be a better writer, trainer, or developer? We have a curriculum for you to follow. How about wanting to become more proficient in Word or PowerPoint instead? As a result, the each employee processes courses/modules/learning content that is relevant to attain the competency they are seeking.

Reason 1: Agility is the most significant advantage of competency-based learning. This approach is exciting for our "new normal". Even remotely working from home people can continue to learn without having to attain or completely change their current role. They can seek out courses they want to learn in order to grow. Go ahead, find a YouTube course on PowerPoint and learn something new....

Reason 2: Acceptance and Motivation of the Learner. If they want it, they will seek it out. My wife for instance wanted to learn more about PowerPoint. However, NOT from me. So as above, she found a YouTube channel with PowerPoint courses. I even learned a few things watching over her shoulder. Evidence shows, competency-based learning is interesting for people in many reasons. Employees can learn based on their needs and are no longer required to process learning content they already know. Based on experience, competency-based learning positively affects the acceptance and motivation to learn for employees.

Reason 3: Sustainable Development. The most dominant “challenges” within continuous education is forgetting what was learned, in particular, it is forgotten as early as the next day.  Competency-based learning, however, promotes the sustainable development of competencies over an extended period. The focus on learning transfer ensures that training measures are not forgotten within a short time. Employees gain permanent competency, which amiably affects their careers, but can also lastingly improve the company’s return on investment (ROI).

So there you have it. Three reasons for engaging with competency-based learning. As with any other significant change in a learning culture, the successful introduction of competency-based learning requires proper framework conditions. Our new normal has already taken hold, why not embrace a new learning as well. Grow...

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